Friday, March 31, 2006

Ms. Debbie DeLognion

You Know, I would have thought it would be worth a small donation to keep this picture off the blog. I guess not.

G.U.T.S. Weekend

From the first, and the last guts.

Brad and #5 in CLC


This is what UMARMY is all about. Notice Markus DeLognion holding the clients hand?

Thursday, March 30, 2006


How many can you name? Hint: the old guy in the back threatened to kill Grant.

Drew and Matt

Believe it or not, these two guys will soon be college graduates. Lord, Help us all.

Chad and Callie

Chad (AKA-Chicken Chad) is a leader. He is one of the best leaders I have ever seen. When he became capitain of the LHS swim team, he knew it would be a big job. We would be looked up to by the other swimmers in and out of the pool, and that meant that he would always have to live as an example. The things he did would be imitated, so he decided to only live and lead in a positve manner. That was one of the most mature and Christian decisions I have ever heard of. Chad is one of my best friends, and I look to him as an example in my life.


Callie and Laura are Alpha Chi sorority sisters. Callie at A&M,Laura at Baylor.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Nick Saunders is one of those people that you wish you could buy stock in when they are young because you know they will be valuble some day. Nick is very smart, and Nick used to be very shy. Nick suprised me with a quick wit, and really impressed me with a willingness to do what ever I asked him to do, from helping in Vacation Bible school to performing the best puppet shows many of us have ever seen. I am looking for pictures of "The Junior and Bubba shows" and if anyone has some-please share. Hook-'em Nick

Little Don

Let's hear it for "Little" Don Muhlbach. He is trying to make his third year in the NFL. He plays for the Detroit Lions, he is their deep snapper. Don was a lot of fun when he was in our Sr. Sunday school way back when. Even then, he showed determination and drive to play. I did not give him much of a chance, but I did admire his courage. He has beaten the odds, and I will try to get him home and talk to the kids about dreaming big, and then following your dreams.

More pictures

Yet another photo with Laura, Kyle and Laura at project celebration

This picture came out small, and I do not know how to blow it up. It is from UMARMY 2005

Nice hats sported by Sr.'05 Girls

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Oh My!

Storm Weekend 2006

Prayer concerns

Hello everybody,
Callie Tatum sent a request. They had to put her grandfather,(Penny's Dad, not John Henry,) in a nursing home today. He is getting feeble and her grandmother just could not take care of him anymore. Penny will be there all week, keep them all in your prayers. That really hits home, my grandmother is old and in the hospital. She is getting better, but she probably can't live by herself anymore,(Megan, give Great Grandmother Bain a note it will brighten her day.) She still knows what is going on, and can be very headstrong. My mother and the rest of the family needs prayer as we make some very difficult decisions in the next few days.
Keep sending stuff, and I will keep posting. Thanks'
Steve Killam
Keep sending things to post, and keep reading the study

Guess who?

Can you guess who this is. She is our favorite missionary.

Chad and Laura

Can Chad's grin get any bigger? (I have noticed that all the boys want their picture with Laura. Smart boys!)

Sr. Guys '05

"Take me out to the ballgame, take me out to the crowd. Take a picture of Nick, Chad and Zack, I don't care if they ever get back"
They do clean up pretty good though!

Graduation '05

Smartest, Smarter,Chad

Prom '05

I went fishing and I caught a fish "This Big!"
Larry, Curly and Moe (Oh...wise guy eh!)

Monday, March 27, 2006

Lauren and Callie

Another picture of the "post prom" Sunday school class. Yes, the kids woke up after staying out late the night before and got "gussied" up again for Sunday school. I need to give Louis Brown credit for starting this. Louis decided that if he was going to pay money to rent a tux, he would get his monies worth.

Angels Surrounding a Saint

This may be one of the best examples of love I have ever seen. This is a picture of the kids the morning after '05 prom. The lady in the middle is La Nell Johnson, who was most of these guys confirmation teacher. Her husband was in his last days of fighting cancer, a fight he would lose, and she was a little depressed. The kids drug her out of her sunday school class and took this picture with her, surrounding her with love. I have never seen as many little old ladies of our church shedding tears of joy. I even got a little damp.

Monday Morning

Good Morning,
Saw several of you this weekend, and that is always great. Big news today is that the fellowship blog, that ties into the Bible study blog, is up and going. The address is . Go to it today and you will find several photos of various people. These are photos that I have, if you have photos to share, e-mail them to me at my hotmail address and I will post them. I am looking for pictures of you guys doing the things you do now,(organizations, activities, friends, etc.) I will also post prayer requests and other communications that didn't fit the Bible blogs format. Of course, the Bible study blog is updated. Prayer concerns today are few that I know of. My grandmother is still in the hospital, but doing much better. She will probably not be going back to living by herself, and that will be a challenge. Some of ya'll are graduating and looking for jobs, so let's pray for God's guidance.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sr. Girls Storm 2005

Homecoming '04

Friday, March 24, 2006

Everyones All-American

Here is a roster photo of my boy Beau, I am still trying to find the infamous dunk on ESPN.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Prom '05 Pics

Kyle Rey, Brittany, Laura and Patrick Prom '05

Kyle Robertson and Kate Berry Prom '05

Zach and Callie before Prom '05
This is a nice picture

Prayer Requests

Francis Bain- (Steve Killam's Grandmother) hip replacement surgery
Steve Roberson-His grandmother passed away

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Callie and Laura

These are two of my friends. (Thanks Callie, the pic is a hoot!)


These are my peep's. Aren't they a good looking bunch?

Hello Everybody!!

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