Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Prayer concerns

Hello everybody,
Callie Tatum sent a request. They had to put her grandfather,(Penny's Dad, not John Henry,) in a nursing home today. He is getting feeble and her grandmother just could not take care of him anymore. Penny will be there all week, keep them all in your prayers. That really hits home, my grandmother is old and in the hospital. She is getting better, but she probably can't live by herself anymore,(Megan, give Great Grandmother Bain a note it will brighten her day.) She still knows what is going on, and can be very headstrong. My mother and the rest of the family needs prayer as we make some very difficult decisions in the next few days.
Keep sending stuff, and I will keep posting. Thanks'
Steve Killam
Keep sending things to post, and keep reading the study


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