Monday, March 27, 2006

Monday Morning

Good Morning,
Saw several of you this weekend, and that is always great. Big news today is that the fellowship blog, that ties into the Bible study blog, is up and going. The address is . Go to it today and you will find several photos of various people. These are photos that I have, if you have photos to share, e-mail them to me at my hotmail address and I will post them. I am looking for pictures of you guys doing the things you do now,(organizations, activities, friends, etc.) I will also post prayer requests and other communications that didn't fit the Bible blogs format. Of course, the Bible study blog is updated. Prayer concerns today are few that I know of. My grandmother is still in the hospital, but doing much better. She will probably not be going back to living by herself, and that will be a challenge. Some of ya'll are graduating and looking for jobs, so let's pray for God's guidance.


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